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Romano-British – West Wind Miniatures

Digging through the back display cabinet of a friend’s wargaming shed I happened to come across some very nicely painted Romano-British warriors, which had been based on the great old set of Warhammer Ancients rules.
The figures are from West Wind Miniatures and to be honest, it is manufacture I would never have thought would have made such a fantastic range of figures. I knew they produced WW2 and a few other ranges but not this period. They even have various head packs to make your units very unique. Definitely a range not to ignore if you are thinking about building an army for this period.
The figures themselves have been rebased for Impetus and will soon join the ranks of an awaiting army that is mustering for the next battle. 
Please enjoy and stay safe.















18 thoughts on “Romano-British – West Wind Miniatures”

  1. Totally agree that these are very nice figures … I have the Tsar and part of his family from the same maniufacturer and they are lovely crisp figures and simple to paint. As always with your posts, the figures are significantly enhanced by outstanding basing technique …..wonderful work all around….although I do tend to agree with Matts comment about the spears…the first thing I thought was, those will get bent or come off entirely over time!

  2. Thanks for the great comments again everyone. Unfortunately the spears were already on the figures and the figures did not belong to me, so I was not able to replace them but they are better than no spears at all.

    All the best and stay well.



  3. Thanks Carlo and Neil for the great comments. Carlo I do try my best to create a nice basing style for the majority of the armies I have based just to give them a little more finesse as to speak.



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