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Road Back from Concord 19 April 1775

Another afternoon of Sharp Practice, this time we moved into the American War of Independence, just for something different. To set the scene our game this afternoon was based roughly around that faithful day on the 19th April 1775 somewhere on the road back from Concord.

On the British side were four companies of regular infantry and two light infantry skirmisher units. On the American side seven units of militia skirmishers. As I played the British commander my mission was to sweep aside the rebels and reach the other side of the table….easy I though….not a problem.

Well I think I now know how the British commanders on that day felt. The first couple of turns when slow and steady but by the third turn all the rebel forces were deployed, three on one side of the road and four on the other. I only had four units on the table at that time and my regulars started to take their first causalities.

By turn five I had all my troops deployed. The lights were working well on the flanks and started to tied down a few of the rebel units and my main column start up the road……I could taste an easy victory.

By the six and seventh turn my main column was close enough to the rebels to make a charge, but before we could stick the bayonet in the rebels evaded the charge. This unfortunately left the unit in a rather tight spot and was soon hit from behind by more rebels waiting in ambush….the lads were pushed back.

But all good I still had another two solid regular units to push aside the rebels…..three more times we charged and each time the rebels ran and each time my over eager regulars were hit with devastating fire from the rebels.

In the end all my regular lads were pushed back almost to their starting line, we did however manage to capture a rebel deployment point….but alias it was too little too late, the rebel fire had been to accurate and my troops to slow……it was victory to the rebels and the start of the rebellion.

Well done to my nephew, Brae, who won the day for the rebels. Also thanks to John Maguire for the loan of his fantastic collection and to Patrick Connor who has painted the figures for John.

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