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Regimental Fire & Fury – North Queensland Style


On Saturday afternoon the lads from the Lonely Gamers Club put on a great game of Regimental Fire & Fury, with the intention of slowly confirming some of the finer details of the rules, before continuing our ACW campaign. The table was the biggest one we have played on to date, laid out as 12ft x 6ft with 127 stands of Federal Troops Vs 108 stands on the Confederate side. 

With no scenario in mind we allocated three key pieces of terrain as objectives, two were major road intersections and the last objective being the rail head in a small town on eastern side of the table. We only played for a about three hours before low light halted the movement of troops for the day. Both side made no major gains, however the Confederates did move through the township and occupy for a couple of turns, only to move out and attack the Union left flank. At about the same time a single Union regiment charged one Confederate Brigade bringing their attack to a halt and forced them to fall back out of close range, thus leaving the town and rail head unoccupied.

Most of the action for the afternoons battle tended to be in the center and eastern side of the battlefield, with just minor skirmishing and long distance artillery fire at the western end of the battlefield. Causalities for the day were only minor for both sides, Union forces suffering 600 loses all told and the Confederates 650 loses all told.

In all the lads seem to have a great time at the game, with period hats worn and a lovely banana and almond cake made by my beautiful wife to fill the empty bellies of the gallant generals on either side.


23 thoughts on “Regimental Fire & Fury – North Queensland Style”

  1. Cheers fort the comments lads and glad to read that you loved the images of our last game.


    The 'Terrain Mats' are great for a quick set up and when you really dont have much room at home to modulated terrain. However If you are thinking about purchasing one I would advise grabbing two to save on postage, which can be quite expensive. also allow about eight to ten weeks delivery, But are worth thier wieght in gold…I have four mats.



  2. Apologies Vinnie if I have already asked this…but can't seem to find my saved link, so here goes, where did you get the terrain mats from (again)? Many humbling thanks 🙂

  3. "600 loses all told and the Confederates 650 loses all told"—obviously none of you wanted to remove too many of those lovely figures from the table!
    Fabulous figures and photos, as per usual!

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