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Regimental Fire & Fury – Disorder/Silenced Markers

After a few games of Regimental Fire & Fury I have found there is a need to mark disorder or silenced on our units which have sustained hits. We have done this in the past with red flat skulls, which really don’t look the part. So as per the rules I decided to purchase a couple of Perry Miniatures causality packs, which I hope will smarten up our gaming table. The Perry’s have done a great job with these guys but I would like to see another pack which has a more Confederate feel about it.


12 thoughts on “Regimental Fire & Fury – Disorder/Silenced Markers”

  1. Thanks Phil and Carlo, you have to make the table top look good at all times. Carlo your Sudan games are excellent. I will have to come and visit again sometime for a roll in the sand.



  2. A big fan of casualty markers and with F&F as with BlackPowder you can never have enough of 'em! Perry's really have done a nice job – glad to see a running Bluebelly – I thought the Napoleonic Austrian version was just pure discrimination! Lovely job on the painting and basing too.

  3. Christopher(aka Axebreaker)

    These look great! I need to make a few of these as well.

    Say if your looking for a more confederate feel then Redoubt has a superb variation in casualty figures.


  4. Thanks Doc, Scott and Christopher for the comments you are very right you can never have enough of them. Scott I have ordered the Sash & Saber Confederate casualities just the other day, as I love the figure range and have already the Iron Brigade from them.

    All the best


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