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Redoubt Enterprise 'Rice Block House' for the Anglo-Boer War

Over the last week or so I have been messing around with the building of Redoubt Enterprise’s ‘Rice Block House’ for the 2nd Anglo-Boer War. I came across the building while searching for ACW cornfields on their site and seeing that we were going to start gaming in the that period I decided that I needed one for the table. The kit comes in two parts, both in white resin, as can be seen below. I have decide not to glue the top on so that we could use it for a skirmish game one day. However I did paint the inside but I have not taken any images as yet because I would like to put some furniture in it eventually. I have however gone through a step by step image collection for you so that you can see more easily how I put this little beauty together. So please enjoy.

The 1st step was to make the base, which I have made from a flat board and built up a small hill with styrofoam, loads of PVA glue and a stone mix.

Tuffs of grass were also added to help break up the surface from an old floor mat.

Next I painted the base and block house. Once dried I then cut up a piece of brass rod and created the posts for the barbed wire fence.

Again once the fence stakes were secure I then dry brushed the whole base using three different layers of paint.

Static grass was then added

Bushes and grass clumps added

Then the barbed wire was put in place

And finally some more greenery to add a little colour to the piece…finished  

“Look lively lads!! They are going from the south east corner now”

“Cor Sarg there are too many of them”

Top view 

Rear veiw

“Conserve your ammunition Lads, help is on the way”


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  1. Thanks again for the great comments everyone . The British build hundreds of this type of block house which came in kit form, and hundreds more of varying types criss-crossing the countryside and along rail lines. I would love to see some images of the remaining ones which have still survived.

    Thanks again


  2. Check out Breaker Morant. It's a long time since I've seen it but if I recall correctly there is a scene where a group of Boers attack a British blockhouse

  3. It looks really great. I am based in South Africa and have visited ALL the remaining Rice Pattern and most of Stone blockhouses that remain here. Willing to share photos too with you and your group (ex model builder from my teens!). Would love to feature your fantastic model in my book somewhere, please can you get in touch:
    cheers, Simon

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