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Rallying the Troops at Gabiene – Antigonus Monophthalmus

Hmm what was I doing the night before Christmas……..
I couple of months ago I painted two Antigonus 28mm figures for my good friend, Carlo, in Perth, however he was kind enough to offer one of the figures to me. Thanks Carlo your a champion. Then for the next few weeks I was wondering how I could base and use this fine figure. So two days ago I was struck with a thought to include ‘The Great Old Man’ with a couple of bodyguards and standard bearer, plus a large rock to stand on. The purpose was to create an small vignette of him rallying his broken phalanx at Gabiene. I intend to use him as a disordered marker for Impetvs or as stand alone figure. The Antigonus figure is from Gripping Beast Miniatures and the other figures from Crusader Miniatures. All were painted and based by me.
Have a great Christmas. 


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