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Virgil Cole


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Virgil Cole : There’s a set of bylaws posted right outside the door here of this very saloon. Your boys do like the bylaws say, everything will be muy bueno.

Randall Bragg : And if they don’t?

Virgil Cole : I arrest them.

Randall Bragg : And if they don’t go along?

Virgil Cole : I shoot them. Or Mr. Hitch does. That’s the law.

Randall Bragg : *Your* law.

Virgil Cole : The same thing.

Randall Bragg : Hm. Maybe you aren’t good enough. Don’t be so sure you’re quicker than me.

Virgil Cole : So far I’ve been quick enough.

Cole from the character portrayed in Appaloosa by Ed Harris.

The figures is casted in pewter and is supplied unpainted.





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