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USMC Recon Unit


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The United States Marine Corps (USMC) Recon Unit (1967-1975) pack. Contains a leader, scout, corpsman, radio, with a mix of weapons M16, sawn off shotgun, M14 and Grenade launcher. M1 carbine. as well as sidearms and personal weapons and equipment. Perfect unit for early operations scouting out enemy positions before the main landings or advance. Includes six different figures.

This pack represents a standard recon Marine unit. Number of men varied depending on the operation but 6 was a good sized unit covering off the various talents necessary as well as a good weapons and equipment mix. The 28mm figures are cast in high-quality pewter and are supplied unpainted. Suitable for the Vietnam War.

Designs are by Paul Hicks and based upon photography from the Battle of Huế (31 January 1968 – 2 March 1968) and Tết Offensive (31 Jan 1968 – 23 Sept 1968).



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