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USMC Personalities 1 – Dye, Cheatham, Thomas and Christmas


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United States Marine Corps (USMC) personalities 1: Dye, Cheatham, Thomas and Christmas (1967-1975) pack. Includes four different figures. The figures are cast in high-quality pewter 28mm and are supplied unpainted. Suitable for the Vietnam War.

Characters from left to right in image a:

  1. Dale Dye became famous for his work in Hollywood epics such as Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers and Last of the Mohicans etc.
  2. Lt Col. Cheatham served as the CO of the 2nd Battalion 5th Marine regiment.
  3. Gunny Sergeant Frank Thomas carried the Stars and Stripes and is seen getting it from inside his flak jacket.
  4. Captain Christmas. His unit captured (OC H comp 2/5) raised their flag over the provincial headquarters in the triangle on the south side of the Huong River.

Designs are by Paul Hicks.



Dimensions 0.28 cm





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