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US Navy SEALs Vietnam


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US Navy Special Navy’s Sea, Air and Land Forces (SEAL) pack, caring examples of weapons that were commonly carried. Plus some are wearing LEVI jeans which were also common for Navy SEALs. Includes six different figures.

From left to right; Carrying an AK47 was reasonably common so that the noise it made firing was not specifically alarming to the enemy. The figure is aiming a Colt Commander pistol with suppressor, M60 LMG with a helicopter ammunition pannier in his backpack. This field modification enables heavy and constant fire is necessary, M16 (Wearing LEVIS), M16 radio operator (RTO) throwing a coloured smoke grenade (Wearing LEVIS), carrying a LAWS and Sawn down pump action shotgun and using a Stoner LMG with 150 round drum magazine (Wearing LEVIS) and an M16 with an attached grenade launcher.

The figures are cast in high-quality pewter 28mm and are supplied unpainted. Suitable for the Vietnam War.





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