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Ukrainian Cossack Infantry. White Russian. Firing line.


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Haidamatsky Kosh of Sloboda Ukraine – paramilitary formations of the Sloboda Ukraine as part of the armed forces of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. Story Formed in December 1917 by S. Petlyura, who became its ataman. The kosh consisted of two kurens (battalions) – “red” and “black” “gaidamaks”. The personnel of the kosh consisted of volunteers, mostly officers and cadets of military schools of the Russian army, supporters of the independence of Ukraine. The kurens of Sloboda Kosh distinguished themselves in suppressing the January uprising in Kyiv and in the winter battles of 1918 during the defense of Kyiv from Soviet troops. Haydamak Kosh of Sloboda Ukraine In March 1918, the kosh was transformed into the 3rd Haidamatsky infantry regiment with a cavalry hundred and a cannon division and included in the Zaporizhzhya Corps of the UNR army (the regiment commander was a former colonel of the General Staff of the Russian Army V. Sikevich; from April to July 1918 and from November 1918 to January 1919 – former staff captain of the Russian army E. Volokh). At the end of March 1919, the 3rd Gaidamatsky Infantry Regiment defected to the Ukrainian Soviet Army and was disbanded. In November 1919, the Shock Gaidamat Brigade was formed as part of the UNR army. The brigade was commanded by Colonel of the UNR Army E. Volokh.

Most of the officers, cadets and cadets were not so much supporters of Ukrainian independence as opponents of the Bolsheviks. Bolsheviks for patriotic circles were agents of Germany. and the officers stood for the fulfilment of their duty to the Entente.

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