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British 120 mm BAT recoilless rifle or Wombat Gun with Crew


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120 mm BAT recoilless rifle replaced the 17pdr and in its WOMBAT form was a new build weapon with a lightweight carriage, which meant that it was usable by all air Mobile (Infantry Battalions) plus mobile troops, such as the Parachute Regiment and Royal Marines. It was also fitted to vehicles, such as the FV432 or a 3/4 ton portee Land Rover.

When fitted with an M8C .50 cal spotting rifle which fired a zirconium-tipped spotter tracer round visible past 2,000 yards, it could engage targets out to 2,000 m (2,200 yd). The strike was observed by the No. 1, who called the fall of shot. The No. 2 maintained the spotting rifle and observed the back blast area. The WOMBAT entered service in 1964, rapidly replacing earlier versions in service with the regular army.

It was phased out of the Regular Army in the early 1980’s being replaced by the Milan ATG although continued in service with many being kept in stores for use in time of war.

The Parachute Regiment took three to the Falklands but they were never deployed.





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