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Boss Spears


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Charley : I’m not goin’ to my maker without knowin’ your given name. Mine ain’t Waite; it’s Postelwaite. Charles Travis Postelwaite. What’s yours? Sure ain’t Boss.

[Boss hesitates]

Charley : I mean it, Boss. I’m asking you straight up.

Boss Spearman : It’s Bluebonnet.

Charley : Bluebonnet?

Boss Spearman : Bluebonnet, yeah.

Charley : No middle name?

Boss Spearman : No, just Bluebonnet Spearman. And don’t you tell no one. I want to hear you swear an oath now, go on.

Boss Spearman a character from Open Range played by Robert Duvall.

The figure is casted in pewter and is supplied unpainted.





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