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Photos from a Small Game of Basic Impetvs

I took these photos a few weeks ago just before we played a double sized Basic Impetvs game….so sorry there are no additional action shots from the game. Our opposing sides were from the Antigonus and Eummes Army lists. Pike vs Pike can make for a very interesting game, if not a little tough at times as well. In our fight Antigonus’s Army only just defeated Eummes forces and it had come down to the very last turn…a very neck to neck race with the one who had the final initiative won. All the figures are from my own collection.


8 thoughts on “Photos from a Small Game of Basic Impetvs”

  1. As always Nathan your table is top shelf! Wonderful collection of miniatures and great job on the balding. Thank goodness Scotty was into Impetus all those years ago! Really wonderful post.

  2. Thank you everyone for the great comments. I am unfortunately away from home at present for a few weeks so there will not be anymore games till mid December. However I do have one more post to go.

    All the best


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