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Perry Miniatures Two Wheeled Ambulance – American Civil War

I have just finished basing this fantastic vignette from Perry Miniatures ACW range. The vignette is the two wheeled ambulance or code-ACW48 and I have based it up for the Regimental Fire & Fury mass casualty marker. The figures and wagon have been painted by the talented Leroy Simpson in which he has done some very nice work. We are planning a big ACW game next weekend so hopefully the ambulance will get a run on the table top. So please enjoy the images and I hope you all have a great Easter weekend.


10 thoughts on “Perry Miniatures Two Wheeled Ambulance – American Civil War”

  1. Thanks for the great comments guys I will pass them on them Leroy. We are very lucky here in Townsville having him close by we are going to miss the old fruit once he moves to Japan for six months

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