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Perry Miniatures – Egyptian Curassiers

Most likely my last post for the month is this nice Egyptian Curassier unit I have just finished basing. The figures are Perry Miniatures and are from their great Sudan range. I have based them as a unit of eight on 50x50mm bases for Colonial Fortune & Glory. Next Wednesday we are having a large game for the Sudan period so hopefully they will (or rather they should) get a run on the day…hopefully not run away that is. Anyway the figures were painted by me and the horse by Leroy Simpson as I have not quite mastered horse flesh as yet.


8 thoughts on “Perry Miniatures – Egyptian Curassiers”

  1. Thanks for the comments guys. My great game pan is to be able to have a collection which spans from 1879 to 1902 with a only a few extra units for each period but will see how I go. These guys should be able to fight the in the Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882 and then again against the Mahdi a year or two later.

  2. Excellent work! I really like the Perry figures – I have a reasonable collection for my Suakin Campaign and am currently thinking about future phases which could include these.

  3. Your models have come out quite nice. The chainmail in particular annoyed me though, as you've managed to keep the grooves dark, whilst highlighting the surface. I find myself now and again plagued with filling the grooves up with the chainmail colour.

    I'm getting better as I do more and more painting, but it is a pain currently. I really want to highlight well with different levels of paint etc.

    Would you care to look at my latest painted miniature? It's a modified Gandalf. I did start out with a bit of trouble when painting him, but got back on track later. I'm not so sure about how well I highlighted it. And I feel the stones on the base could have been shaped better.

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    I'm thinking of doing a monthly post where people email me a picture of a model, models, they've painted within that month and are most proud of. It will be displayed on my blog with name, owner name, their thoughts etc, as well as link to their blog. Just wondered if you would be interested?

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