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Perry Miniatures – Dismounted Union Cavalry

After the lads played their ACW battle last Wednesday, I released that we just did not quite have enough Union dismounted cavalry, for anything over a small skirmish and we have always wanted to replay the first day at Gettysburg with Buford’s Cavalry Division. So over the last couple of days I put my paint brushes back to work and painted up another unit. I still have one more unit to go, which will bring our combined units together at five regiments. Still not ideal but better them what we had on hand. 
The figures have been painted as just a generic regiment and should fit into just about any campaign or battle we play. The figures themselves are from Perry Miniatures ACW range. The only grip I have is that Perry have not yet designed a dismounted command. But please enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Perry Miniatures – Dismounted Union Cavalry”

  1. Beautiful figures Nathan – I still remember that wonderful Union dismounted cavalry you painted that I had all those years ago. We're they Old Glory or Dixon???? Great painting as always.

  2. Wow I can not remember them they might have been old glory I think. I would like to compare those old figures with my more recent ones one day. Thanks Carlo



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