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Perry Miniatures – Black Watch Highlanders

Sorry for placing up all the posts this month, but why not? So the last post for this week are two units of Perry Miniatures Black Watch Highlanders, beautifully painted by Brian Buskell for his Sudan collection ( I did have them writen up as Cameron Highlanders but thanks to a couple of fellows they set me striaght). This is the second lot of highlanders Brian has painted (I brought the first unit) so he is becoming quite a master at it. They have already been bloodied on the battlefield against the Mahdi and unfortunately one company was ridden over by some 2nd class warrior cavalry, but the Naval Party stopped them dead. 


8 thoughts on “Perry Miniatures – Black Watch Highlanders”

  1. Look more like Black Watch to me, e.g. blue facings, 'Government' sett kilt and red hackle in helmet.

    Didn't the Camerons have dark green facings and wore Cameron of Erracht tartan?

    Only my opinion of course.

    Good job all the same:)

  2. Please don't apologise! I'm loving these minis, they're a real inspiration for me to get on and paint my Victorian minis. Admitidly mine are VSF, but what does that matter!? 😉

  3. Thanks Guys for setting mr straight I did even look at the Perry codes just at the highlanders who wore scarlet at the battle of Ginnis…all changed now..Cheers

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