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Perry Miniatures – 92nd Highlanders

I have just added these fine lads painted as the 92nd Highlanders to my colonial collection. Leroy Simpson had recently painted them for me and they had been waiting their turn for basing. I intend to used the fellows for the 2nd Afghan War, 1st Boer War, Later Sudan and maybe slip them into ‘The Great Boer War’ period. However their first engagement will be tomorrow night in the 2nd Afghan War with Lord Roberts. Again I think young Leroy has done a fine job on these great Perry Miniatures.


14 thoughts on “Perry Miniatures – 92nd Highlanders”

  1. They're very nicely done! I especially like the kilts which are often 'overdone' – the tone is just right. Many times you can only see 'kilt', not the figure!

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