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Palm Springs Air Museum – European Theatre

Today myself and a couple of other members of the team were very lucky to slip out of 29 Palms and down to the Palm Springs Air Museum. If you love all things that fly then this is the place for you. I’m not much of an expert on aircraft from the second world war but I was extremely impressed with the collection, many of which can be rolled out the door and flown. The Museum virtually runs off donations so if you do happen to drive by I encourage you to call in and have look at the fantastic collection they have.

The B-17G Flying Fortress. Very impressive in size I could not believe that out of the 12000 odd thousand they made, over 40% were lost in combat.

I’m not sure on this one but it was introduced right at the end of the second war war and did not see combat. However in Korea it saw plenty.

P40N – Kittyhawk (I think) This one saw combat in China.
PBY-5A – Catalina
I’m not sure on the other aircraft but I thought the nose art was fantastic

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