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Our First Game of American War of Independence


One of the other games we played last Wednesday night was the our very first game of American War of Independence using Andrew Parr’s Fortune & Glory Supplement Rules for AWI. The game was played by Dave and Julian on the American side and Terry, Brian and Earl on the British side. Both sides were fairly evenly matched in the number of units on each side however with Morgan’s Rifles above I changed their range to 12″ and made the Hessian Jager’s elites. 

The figures all were graciously supplied by John Maguire and the terrain came from my little collection. I did however have to through in some British Officers and artillery from John’s SYW collection as he was short, so please forgive me.

The rules played very well for the period and I believe the guys enjoyed the game. In regards to the game the British under the aggressive leadership of Brian and Terry push hard on the American left flank where only two Continental battalions and the rifles held. Six regiments plus the two light infantry units where involved in the assault. The small Continental Brigade under the very skilful command of Julian managed to inflict some very heavy casualties on the advancing British but were eventually pushed back when their centre regiment broke and run from a well supported bayonet attack. 

The American Militia Brigade under the command of Dave’s command started off well but lost two regiments from a British flank attack. The remanding two units however pushed forward regardless of casualties and almost took one of the American objectives, only stopping short when hit by several rounds of canister.

The battle finally ended with a manor victory awarded to the British…..a pyrrhic victory at most

Continental Artillery line up one of the advancing British regiments

British red coats advance in over whelming numbers and swamp the Continental left flank

The American left flank breaks


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  1. Thanks for the great comments guys I like to put on good looking games for the lads at the club and for those that follow my blog.

    Steve the British regiment in the purple is the 59th which fought at Boston and Bunker Hill.



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