One Sunday Afternoon in the Sudan

Yesterday afternoon Myself and three of the lads from the club (John Maguire, Dave Lowe and Greg Blake) got together and played a nice little Sudan game. The scenario was for an Egyptian column to to make their way to the garrisoned village, just on the Nile and deliver a number of supplies. However unbeknown to them there was a largish Mahdist force awaiting in ambush…….
The battle ground for the afternoon. In the foreground is the small Egyptian garrison, just outside the village. In the far ground is the approaching column of troops and supplies.

General Blake inspecting the garrison
A British steamship arrives and a shore party disembarks to gather more wood.

The supply column

General!!! I can see the supply column

Parade!….Fall Out!

Major! I can see some dust to our north shall we deploy the troops?

Gentlemen! I will take two platoon of infantry to gather some wood. You Sir! can remain with your shore party and gather some fresh supplies from the market. 

Why do the Navy always get to go shopping?

Platoon form line and advance

Mahdi forces once hidden on the flanks of the column charge out from their ambushing positions

The Cairo Battalion deploys to defend the columns rear

Mounted Bashi Bazouks fan out to scout the flanks

Sudanese irregulars though a little nervous from a regular line 

Just as soon as they form line a hidden unit of Mahdist troops charge them

Egyptian artillery deploys

The Egyptian commander is undeterred by the waves of enemy troops charging but his flanks and calmly deploys his troops

But wait the villagers have seen the Mahdist forces charging the Egyptian troops and soon they also rise up and throw their lot in for the Mahdi

Waves of warriors charge the isolated Egyptian column, but they put up a sterling defence and fight hard

The Cairo Battalion is repeatedly charged from two different directions fights on to the last man. Their sacrifice saves allows the supplies to get through to the garrison.

The final Egyptian troops with the column are driven back and eventually over run also

With the near by village up in arms the enemy troops try and also destroy the Egyptian garrison

But the Bashi Bazouks and Egyptian regulars soon shoot them down scores 

Bugger the wood and the shopping get that gun firing now for gods sake!!!!

Enemy warriors counter charge the Egyptian Cuirassiers 

The remaining Sudanese irregulars form a half square and fight to the last round

The artillery guns are soon captured

But the garrison fights on and defeats the enemy each time the come close enough to enage

The enemy withdraws from around the garrison as news from the Amir tells them that the Egyptian column has been defeated and the village has been recaptured by the enemy. Both sides claim victory on this day.


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