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Old Glory Thracians

The original  figures I purchased from eBay.
In my never ending quest to expand my Impetvs collection I recently purchased 24 x Old Glory Thracians, on eBay, from a nice gentleman in the USA, Igor. Over the last couple of days, I have provided them a new lease of life by adding a wash, a touch up in the flesh and clothing and then rebased for Impetvs. I did not want to change the original painting of the first artist, however it certainly shows, from the first image and then to the finished product that with a little love the figures can be improved and enhanced to make a very attractive unit….then onto the table top and victory…..maybe….maybe not.

The final product after I rebased, washed and improved on the old painting.
Two units of Thracian Light Infantry

And three Thracian skirmisher units.


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