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Old Glory – Mounted Boers

Hello All I have just posted up these interesting Boers chaps I have just finished basing. They are from the great Old Glory Miniatures Boer War range, which has a limited number of packs for the Boer War (unfortunately only four for the Boers). However there are many head variations and a nice range of animated horses. I have another six units of these bad boys to paint up, including the dismounted variant and four artillery peices for the army. I have not realy seen to many Boer armies around on the web or when gaming so I thought they might be nice to through against the Zulus or British in the not to distant future. I have based them on a 60x45mm base and two figures per base to give them the look of loose order/formation mounted shooters and as they would have fought in the day. Anyway I hope they look and will play the part of their forefathers.


8 thoughts on “Old Glory – Mounted Boers”

  1. These are just fantastic! You're right that you don't see many Boer war wargamming out there and it's really cool that you are expanding your hobby into it. Keep up the great work!

  2. Old Glory are very underrated figures but they produce some very nice lines and especially amongst the more obscure type of figure such as the mounted Boers. I don't think I've seen any other makes in 28mm. They are also beautifully animated and detailed – made even better by your nice paint & basing job.


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