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Old Glory Miniatures Boer War Staatsartillerie & Pom Pom

I have just finished basing a very nicely painted artillery unit for my Boers. The crew and artillery pieces have been painted by Leroy Simpson and the figures are from the very nice Old Glory Colonial range for the 2nd Anglo-Boer War. I have two units of artillery for my army, the first is the “Pom Pom” Light Artillery, which were converted Maxim Machine guns used by the Boers and which fired a 1pd percussion-fused shell. The British hated it that much that when captured they used it themselves on the Boers. I hope to use it on the British tonight in our club game..I will let you know how it goes. Leroy and I were unsure of how to paint the Pom Pom’s but I think he has done a rather nice job. The Staatsartillerie are painted in a mix of blue and khaki uniforms which were standardised across most of the regular artillery units at the start of the war. So please enjoy….


7 thoughts on “Old Glory Miniatures Boer War Staatsartillerie & Pom Pom”

  1. Simon

    You are correct there is never enough gaming in this period. However we did play a small game tonight so I will put the images up tomorrow for you.



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