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Old Glory Dismounted Boers

I have just finished painting a unit of Old Glory Boers for the Anglo-Zulu War 1879. I have also completed a pack of mounted Boers but as yet I have not completed the horses, however I am quite happy with the figures as they have loads of character and are nice to paint. Eventually I will have a whole Boer Army completed with two batteries of artillery, seven mounted and seven dismounted units of Boers (well that is the plan) all to either fight the Zulus in their numerous boarder conflicts or in the two Boers wars with the British. They should be interesting to use on the wargaming table. These boys will be getting a crack at the Zulus tonight.


5 thoughts on “Old Glory Dismounted Boers”

  1. Thanks for the comments guy, I have not seen to many Boer Armies being use on tabletop gaming so I thought I might as well get on done.

    So love the colonial stuff as too are the boys in the club as it is not quite mainstream gaming. Rules are colonial Fortune & Glory.



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