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North West Frontier Guide Infantry – Wargames Foundry

Along time between post sorry about that, but I am now working away from home for four weeks at a time so I will try to get as much as I can up before I go. So first off the block are two units of North West Frontier Guide Infantry by Wargames Foundry.

The figures have been painted by the talented Leroy Simpson and I have based them for Andrew Parr’s Colonial Rules – ‘Breach Loader and Rifle’.  Also included are officers and NCO’s from Foundry’s Sikh and Guide Character pack. I am intending to play a little NWF over the next couple of weeks and I am sure these fine lads will get a run….or run.

Sikh Officer
British Officer who I think I will use for a number of periods, not just NWF.
2nd Company

16 thoughts on “North West Frontier Guide Infantry – Wargames Foundry”

  1. These are some of my favourite sculpts and have stood the test of time. He has done a great job painting them and your basing finishes them off a treat.

  2. Thanks Pat the Foundry NWF are a very good range indeed. They just need to re-release the rest of the Afghan Regulars, artillery and cavalry again.



  3. Thanks again lads great figures painted well and due for a game shortly against a few mad Pathans…hopefully they will fight well or die trying



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