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North West Frontier Command Stands – Old Glory & Empress Miniatures

Yet another great little stand painted by Brian Buskell for his 2nd Afghan/post 1884 British Colonial Army. Brian has used a great mix of Old Glory Miniatures (lancers & officer looking through bino’s) and Empress Miniatures. The Empress miniatures have been painted to 66th Regt of Foot during the Afghan Campaign in 1879/80. However I think we will use this fantastic vignette for just all our colonial games post 1884. Please enjoy…more to come.

A very nice Empress Miniatures figure taken from their Anglo-Zulu War range and painted for the later Victorian period.


9 thoughts on “North West Frontier Command Stands – Old Glory & Empress Miniatures”

  1. Nice work!

    I'm waiting for Mike from Artizan to do some Command packs (other than the great pack of officers that Artizan do now) as that's really what I've been collecting for my NWF project..

    Keep up the goodly work.


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