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North Queensland Basic Impetus Competition – 4th & 5th May 2019

Over the last couple of days our little club held the Basic Impetvs Nth Qld Championships. This is the third year in a row that we have had a little competition to keep this great hobby alive here in the North. We had ten players in total over the two days of gaming and each played five games each. Three games were played on the Saturday and two games on the Sunday, as a couple of the lads playing had to fly home that afternoon. 

The army list I picked for the weekend were to come from only Age of Hoplites to Rome and the Mediterranean, which enable the lads to pick up to 40 different armies from four different periods in order to raise their armies for the weekend. I felt the this would force the players to pick more in period armies instead of playing a samurai army against Samnites or something like that. In the end however, we all had fun and there was no throwing of dice across the table. Additionally there were some very nicely painted armies and baggage camps.

The end results for the two days of battle were:
  • 1st  – Jeff Smith (Illyrians)
  • 2nd – John Maguire (Gauls)
  • 3rd – David Rea (Early Republican Roman)
  • 4th – Richard Mirabello (Carthaginian) 
  • 5th – Nathan Vinson (Thracian)
  • 6th – Josh Smith-Monaghan (Pontic)
  • 7th – Rex Harrison (Spartan)
  • 8th – Joel Williams (Carthaginian)
  • 9th – Greg Blake (Scythian)
  • 10th Terry Moran (Marian Roman)
Tin Soldier Scythians

Richard Marabello and Joel Williams play their first moves

An outstanding baggage camp vignette from Richard Mirabello’s Carthaginian Army. 

John Maguire sets up for his first win for the day

Thracian Noble Cavalry

Germans posing this time as Gauls 

Carthaginian war elephants protected by Nubian skirmishers 

Spartans vs Early Republican Romans 

Spartan Cavalry painted by Chris Kendrick for Rex Harrision

Old Glory Miniatures Republican Romans

Terry Moran called up a junior back-up dice roller, Tayio Simpson. It does amaze me how the younger generation always seems to roll more six’s than I can ever these days.

Pontic light infantry battle the Illyrians 

Illyrians from Jeff Smith winning collection

Republican Romans battle hard against the Spartan line

Veteran Carthaginians from Richard Mirabello’s collection

Later Thracians do battle with the might of Carthage 

Pontics take on the Republican Romans

The Pontic scythe chariot hits the flank of Republican Roman cohort. 

Marian Romans vs Gauls

Joel Williams sets ups his Carthaginian Army to defend against the Pontics

The Pontic Army fielded by Josh Smith-Monaghan

Richard Mirabello defends against the might of Rome

More Scythians

More Republican Romans

Carthaginians from Richards beautiful collection

Newline Design Thureophoroi Infantry from Rex Harrison’s Spartan Army

Spartan vs Thracians

A Gaul chariot charges a cohort of Marian Romans

More action from on of the Carthaginian vs Republican Romans

More images from the Spartan vs Thracian battle (The Thracians won this day)

Rex’s Spartan next battle was against the winning Illyrians fielded by Jeff Smith

More Scythian’s played by Greg Blake

Richard and Terry Moran battle for victory

Greg Blake and David Rea, Scythian vs Republican Romans

Joel and John 

Pontic Pike

Crusader Thureophoroi 


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