New Zealand Maori Wars Skirmish – 1840’s

Over the Christmas break I was most fortunate to visit Mark Piper at his house in Nambour in the Sunshine Coast. Mark is a dedicated gamer of all scales and periods and sends many days and nights gaming with my good friend Scott Robertson. Yesterdays game was one of Marks scenarios for the 1840s New Zealand Wars and based on the Musket and Tomahawk rules. Our game was focus on the British Empire Forces trying to push through dense scrub and exit the table at the far end. We had three units of regular infantry to irregular units, some native allies and two artillery pieces, one of which was a naval gun mounted on a small boat.

The Maori forces consisted of ten units all armed with muskets and close quarter weapons. It turned out to be a tough game for the Empire troops who hardly managed to hold their own against the aggressive Maori warriors and their accurate musket fire. In the end we manage to drive off at least 50% of the Maori warriors but in doing so we lost the naval crew and their artillery piece plus a number of our regular infantry. Special thanks must go the Mark for hosting the game and for explaining the rules. I throughly enjoyed gaming this period and might ever consider the rule system for some of our games in North Queensland. The majority of the figures are Empress Miniatures and have been painted by Mark.

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