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New WWII Range – By Victor Perry

Hello All,
Lonely Gamers is finally back from the dead. It has been a few months but all out of my control. Damn Telstra Bigpond took so bloody long to connect us back onto the Internet and broadband… I must apologise for the delay. Anyway back into the first post for 2010. Well I have moved away from the gold mine of great figures and wargames in Townsville to a sunny town called Singleton, which is located right in the middle of the Hunter Valley. Lots of coal mines and home to some best wine in the country. So not so bad I guess. However Singleton is also home to a good friend of mine…Victor Perry. Victor has been a wargamer for as long as I can remember and one of the nicest and keenest characters in Australian wargaming I have had the pleasure to know. He just loves to get out and roll the dice around the table. However over the last ten months Victor has been doing more then just rolling the dice. He been very busy working on his own range of 28mm WWII figures. He first learnt the skill from Mark Fenton and has been improving his skill in the craft with every figure. So far he has only a small amount of figures completed and still not a full range. However with his special approval he allowed me to take a few photos of the first five figures he has produced. All the figures shown were designed and painted by Victor.


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