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Natal Native Contingent – 2nd Company

I have just recently finished my second unit of for the Natal Native Contingent, this time however I put in a couple of the lads in beanies and wide brimmed hats. I have also slightly changed my basing by adding a mix of fine sand and small rocks to form the base. I have then dry brushed over it, added some  static grass and some longer tuff. Not sure if I like the final product as it might be a little to stony for Zululand. Anyway in comparison to my earlier post on these guys I think they match in with the other unit quite well. 

 The figures are all Warlord Games plastics with the Empress Miniatures Boers as a leader. The Empress Miniatures figure is a little small but I think that maybe due to the thinner base. However the NNC as the Zulus very easy to paint and are a must for those wargaming the Anglo-Zulu period.


12 thoughts on “Natal Native Contingent – 2nd Company”

  1. I think the stones were a great choice to add to their bases personally. It also helps to set them apart from the normal grass terrain.

    Keep up the good work and feel free to pop in now and again Nathan's Fiction Sphere

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