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My New Man’s Cave

Ahh! finally I have my own ‘Man Cave’….after nearly 24 years in the Army I have finally decided to give that hobby away and devote more time to my little family and WARGAMING!!!! So I have taken 6 months long service leave, made renovations to our house and finally finished setting up my little hobby room. What more could I desire…except maybe some more figures?

The ‘Cave’ is set up with an Ottoman Sofa bed, two books selves stocked to full capacity, and two display cabinets full of nicely painted armies, so when I have visitors (gamers of course) they will be able to rest up in their dream room.
Man cave book and collection cupboards

19 thoughts on “My New Man’s Cave”

  1. Hey Guys…I love my new room or 'Cave' as my lovely wife calls it. I don't think I will be able to put much more in there at present. There is room for a small table but there is really no need as just in the next room there is ample space for four 6×4 tables.

    All the best


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