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Mount San Jacinto State Park & Wilderness

I have found it hard not to love this country even though I have only seen a very small part of it.

Today we drove one hour from 29 Palms to Palm Springs. Here myself and a friend caught the Aerial Tram up 8516ft to the top of the Mount San Jacinto State Park.

Unfortunately, there was only time to traverse only a small section of the mountain before we had to head back down. However, the view was spectacular.

Plan for the next trip is to walk a few of the trails over a period of one or two days.

Enjoy the view.

View from the Valley Station (2643ft) to the Mountain Station (8516ft)
View into the Wilderness
The view back down to Palm Springs

2 thoughts on “Mount San Jacinto State Park & Wilderness”

  1. You realise of course Vinnie that all these postings on your blog give the overall impression that you are having just way too much fun for someone actually working there.

    Which is good for the rest of us who can't get there and drool at your museum pictures etc.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Doc,

    You are not far from the truth. I have been having a bit of fun. But the fun is working with the US Marines they are a great bunch of guys and have very positive attitude towards life in general. For my next trip, in about a month, I'm planning to get across to the East Coast and walk the battlefields for a few days.


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