More Spartans for the Peloponnesian War

While most people have managed to paint legions whilst in self isolation….I have only managed to paint twelve figures. But they are nice figures, the Wargames Foundry range of Classical Greeks would have to be my favourite range of figures for this period. Apart from the basic pose, there are also many other characters and alternative figures that can be used to create your units. The figures are also extremely easy to paint and base. So please enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed painting them.
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19 thoughts on “More Spartans for the Peloponnesian War”

  1. Thanks for the great comments again everyone. I know the 12 figures seems small but there are another 24 I have already completed so the Army is getting there….though a little slower than I hope.

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  2. My goodness yes! They look superb! You have done a great job on them. I really like your basing too – that gives the perfect impression of the terrain of that region.

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  3. Thanks for the comments Chris and Matt. The foundry range are certainly some of the nicest Greeks on the market and have been so now for over 20 years. You can not get much better then than…….well unless Paul Hicks the Perry twins start a new period.

    Take care and stay well.



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