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More Sharp Practice – French & Indian War

Another great afternoon playing Sharp Practice with the lads. Two table set, with two different scenarios. On the first table French and Allied Indians raid across the frontier burning farms as they go, and the second scenario was almost straight out of Last of the Mohicans….but this time Magwa and his Indians were up against Anglo-American Provincials and Highlanders.

Both games were great fun on the Magwa table the Indians quickly overwhelmed the Provincials killing their commander and capturing the two daughters….I think only about a dozen Indians were killed against double that number of Provincials….well done John would led Magwa to victory.

On the Frontier table the mixed Indian and French force slowly pushed the Colonial Militia boys back, burning one of the farm houses and capturing the three cows and two civilians. The other women and children managed to run free back to the fort but only covered just by two units for Provincial Rangers. The other Militia units took heavy causalities but also managed to make it back to the fort.

Thanks to Brian for running the Frontier game and to Dave and Terry for playing as gentlemen. Also a big thanks to John for the use of his fort and the use his finely painted miniatures.

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