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More North Africa Action

Another lazy Sunday game of Chain of Command at our little Lonely Gamers Club. Today, Tim, played myself, and Dave. Tim commanded a Platoon of British 8th Army lads and Dave and myself, fielded a DAK Panzer grenadier platoon.

The British had 12 support points which Tim allocated to a couple of Crusader tanks (4 pts each) a 2pdr on a truck and an additional red dice. For Dave and myself, we had 8 pts which were spent on a 222 Armoured car and an Infantry gun.

Our game played well with both sides only deploying two of their infantry sections each and all their support assets (not sure why we did that?). The DAK boys managed to knock out one of Tim’s Crusader Tanks and the main gun of the other (though it still had its MGs which later proved devastating). In addition, the British lost it 2pdr AT gun and a Bren team.

The DAK boys lost a few more troops, including their light mortar, the Infantry gun, and an AT rifle team, and in the last round of the game, we lost our 222 Armoured car.

Surprisingly other than the support assets, there were very few infantry casualties on either side. The game ended with a victory for the British, who had eventually withdrawn all their infantry into a small cluster of buildings in the middle of the battleground thus minimizing the effects of the heavy small-arms fire from the German infantry.

Well, done Tim for the great game and Dave for helping me try and defeat Tim. Again, thanks to John for providing the vehicles for both sides.

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