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More Fortune More Glory – Additional Rules for Fortune & Glory


Andrew Parr has just released  – More Fortune More Glory – Additional rules and period lists for Fortune and Glory Wargame Rules, which are now available from my Elite Miniatures Australia website. The rules are priced at $8.00 for a PDF copy which I will email once payment has been confirmed. The additional rules include:

1. Divisional sized Games army organisation into Brigades, game play and Special assets in divisional sized games.
2. Using a larger base unit sizes as standard or with smaller units.
3. Alternate basing regimes and playing without stand removal.
4. Some Optional Rules.
5. Additional scenarios.
6. Wars of Louise XIV.
7. Wars of Austrian Succession and Seven Years War.
8. American War of Independence.
9. Mexican American War.
10. Crimean War
11. Kepi, Rifle & Percussion Rules for the American Civil War.
12. A simple order system (Posture).


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