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More Boer Artillery – 75mm Creosot Old Glory Miniatures

Adding to the colonial theme for our club I have just finished basing my Boer 75mm Creosot battery, which has again been painted by the talented Leroy Simpson. The 75mm Creosot and Staatsartillerie are from the Old Glory Miniatures colonial collection and are must for those creating the earlier battles of the war where Boer artillery was used with great effect. The crew come in 1 x officer and 4 x crew  poses with different head variants. The Old Glory collection for the Boer War is small, only four packs but with many different head variants you can create a nice collection. I would however like to see maybe a wagon set, casualty pack or maybe a command pack, just to add a little more variety.


5 thoughts on “More Boer Artillery – 75mm Creosot Old Glory Miniatures”

  1. Excellent batteries. And all ready to give the British yet more headaches trying to locate these chaps with their damnable smokeless powder. Most unsporting, what?! 🙂

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