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More 14th Brooklyn From Adventure Miniatures Australia

Exciting news from Victor Perry of ‘Adventure Miniatures Australia’, his latest project of bringing to life the 14th Brooklyn is coming closer to completion. Five figures have been completed including an officer figure, which is the last image of this post, thus far. Victor has informed me that there will be another six or so figures to be designed before the range is complete. The figures have been designed by Victor and EBob and I believe they have do a fine job in brining together one of the finest units in the American Civil War. 


8 thoughts on “More 14th Brooklyn From Adventure Miniatures Australia”

  1. I'm afraid that I'm going to ask the almost obligatory question; how do they compare to the Perry ACW range for size?

    Have you got any shots of pics of the 14th Broolyn range next to the Perry stuff in similar poses?


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