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MOAB – 2008

MOAB – Mother of All Battles – was held over the October long weekend at Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club located in the southern suburbs of Sydney. It would have to be the second biggest convention in Australia, just behind that of CANCON. This year I would say at least two thousand people came through the doors, which is big for wargaming in Australia. The convention is put on by the boys from the Southern Battle Gamers, Sydney, and they always put on a great show. Most of the Australian Retailers were there – Eureka Miniatures, Essex Miniatures Australia, Olympian Games, Battleline Scenics, Military Simulations, BattleScape Military Books & Miniatures, Micks Metal Models, Shadowforge , Battlecraft Games, B24Flak , Good Games and Elite Miniatures Australia. Many of the above however due to the distance they have to travel only stayed for the first two days.

The Trader Stands at MOAB – more to the left, not shown

Bunker from the D–Day 20mm Demo game. I had more photos but have lost them – sorry

20mm WW2 Demo game

This year also bought in a great number of competition gamers – Flames of War had 32 players, Warhammer Fantasy pulled in as many as 72 gamers, Warhammer 40K at least 40 players, Fields of Glory only 16 or so players in the 28mm category but also a small 15mm competition was played on the Sunday with 8 players. Other competitions were Blood Bowl, Lord of the Rings, Hordes of the Things and Battle Tech.

Warhammer Fantasy

Brett, the now Australian Champ of Flames of War

Then of course there were a few Demo games been played. The boys with 15mm Shako put on a great little demo game over the three days, Matt Williamson played a small demo game on the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga (French Indian Wars 1758), and I would have to say that the best demo game was the World War to D-Day demo game, in 20mm. It had the lot, great figures, great terrain and look spectacular. In all the Southern Battle Gamers put on, as they do each year, a great show.

15mm Shako demo game

Battle of Fort Ticonderoga demo game


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