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Lord of the Rings

The first game we were keen to play this year was a game of The Lords Of the Rings for my nephew, who was staying with me for a few days. All the figures are from the collection of Leroy Simpson, who is a very good friend of mind.

The figures used were Games Workshop and were painted superbly by Leroy. He has changed his basing for his Orc Army from single figure to multi-figure basing and will do the same for the other side in the near future. He has based the figures this way to allow for a faster flowing game and also I think it looks and gives a better feel to what JR Tolkien might have envisioned the battles for Middle Earth to look like.

Lord of the Rings

2 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings”

  1. It was an awsomely cool and fun game. I appreciated Leroy allowing us to use his figures. I still haven't finished the Orcs and the building yet.

    PS I hope we can have another game sometime.

  2. Hello Brae,
    I'm glad you liked the game, it was fun and I enjoyed it very much, even though we got our arse kicked. But next time you come to visit we will have another games for sure.

    All the best

    Uncle Nathan

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