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Late Roman vs Saxon

Today John Williams and I played a small game of just over 2000pts. John had not played for nearly one year so we thought a small game would be good. The figures I used were from a collection I had purchased from Andrew Parr in Sydney. They were originally for an Arthurian army he had put together. But I have since re-based them and set them up as a Late Roman/Early Byzantine Army.

Most of the figures are from Old Glory Miniatures, with about twenty figures from Gripping Beast and Foundry ranges. The Saxon army, played by John, are all Black Tree Design and come from Leroy Simpson’s collection. All the shields and flags were hand-painted by Leroy. I have to admit he is bloody good at putting a beautifully painted army together.

The battle itself went for seven turns, with heavy losses on both sides. In the end, the Saxons proved too strong for my Late Romans and when my General died in hand to hand combat with the Saxon Warlord, it was all too much – my troops fled from the field and left it to the Saxons.

However, what I had tried out, for my Romans, was to put a priest in with my veteran unit. That single priest will cause hated of the enemy and allows you to re-roll any missed hits (he also has two attacks) quite a handy figure to have in any unit.

Saxon and Roman cavalry clash

The Roman General, Army Standard and a unit of 24 Pedes, with archers attached all painted by Andrew Parr.

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