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Late Period Thracian Infantry – The Kallinikos Skirmish

And the painting continues….over the last couple of days I have managed to paint two very nice Crusader Miniatures Late Period Thracian’s for my Impetvs collection. I have had these figures in a box for a long long time and finally, after playing Basic Impetvs, decided that they needed a coat of paint and an Army to join. Thus I created two Light Infantry Thracian units for my Successor Pike Army. 
Both units I have painted come from the Osprey Publishing ‘The Thracians’ plate F (The Kallinikos Skirmish 171 BC). The first unit, in the brown and white strips, represents figure F3. This figure is shown in the clothes worn by a hunter in Alexandrovo tomb paintings. But I think the brown sets the figures and unit off very nicely.

The second unit is painted from figure F1, who represent the Thracian’s described by Plutarch at the Battle of Pydna. They were described as wearing black tunics. Black can be hard to shade but I am happy with the finish product.


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