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Late Imperial Romans – Wargames Foundry

Over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly repainting and rebasing some great Wargames Foundry Late Imperial Romans I had purchased from Barry Lee in the UK. These lads were once his favourite army and had been part of his collection for some years. I was most fortunate to purchase part of his great little collection. But the lads were a little worst for wear and no doubt had seen a few battles. So I grab a fine brush touched the patches up and gave them a new base. And they have come up a treat I think. I have based them as Barry did for Impetvs.
The lads (above) were from Barry’s collection just before I rebased and touched them up with a little extra paint.
The old (below) and the new (above)

I mixed the command up with the three units I manage to raise out of two old units.


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