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Last Nights' Dead Man's Hand Game

Images from last night’s game of Dead Man’s Hand with a few of the lads from the Club. Jeff Smith provided all the figures and half the terrain. We had five gangs playing, which made for some great action in and around the buildings of the town. Within the two sides, three played the ‘Good’ and the other two were the ‘Bad’. The bad guy’s mission was to bust out of the bar and escape from two nominated exist points.

I do believe this is a great fun little game and relatively inexpensive, which basically depends on how many buildings you purchase. Even so, the gangs are a good price and very easy to paint, plus the foreground buildings come pre-painted and that is a bonus. I think I might even add a few more US 6th Cavalry and more Apaches in order to play a few more actions in the future.

Bad Guys everywhere

This proved a little hard at the start as the bad guys were running out all over the place for the first two turns until they realised they might just have to join forces and attempt to both leave from the same area. Doing so by the third turn they started using the rear of the building to try and escape.

Not a bad plan however with casualties mounting the renegade Indians soon surrendered to the lawman. But the desperadoes keep to their guns and all but two were shot down as they tried to escape from the western side of the table. Good guys casualties were six all told against 11 bad guys biting the dust.
Apaches spread out and look for escape routes
The Lawman come out of the Marshals office with all guns blazing
US 7th Cavalry too the rescue
The Bad guys bust out of the bar
The US Cavalry Indian Hunter is quick on the draw and shoots down one of the baddies
Hand to hand is nasty against the Apache…I lost
Lawman and the local butcher try to cut off the bad guys escape
Using the cover of the rear of the town the bad guys make good their escape
But the cavalry are not far behind
I may not have been much good at shooting with the guy in the top hat however when it came to hand to hand with the Apache I won? Figure that!
With their escape cut off the only thing left to do was to go down in a blaze of glory
Troopers close in
The End

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  1. Thanks for the great comments everyone. This a great game to play with a couple of lads who are keen to have a little characters and great terrain.



  2. Thanks again for all the great comments everyone. This is a fun little game to play and is excellent for a club night or an afternoon with the lads and a pint of beer.

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