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Keeping the Pass Open – 2nd Afghan War

At the end of each game we play I put out the call of what to play next time meet…and last Wednesday Brian called for good old North West Frontier, mainly because he had just received and re-based five companies of good solid Indian troops. So NWF it was. Our little scenario took us back to the 2nd Afghan War with the Imperial forces conducting a small raid on a village. Some local tribesmen, a hardy bunch of Afghan Regulars and a few goats however defended the village.

The units on each side were broken up in three small brigades, for ease of movement and control. Each of the two Afghan Infantry Brigades consisted of a warrior rifleman unit of crack shoots, a unit of tribal warriors, three companies of regular troops and a section of artillery. Then the Afghan also had a small brigade of two units of warrior cavalry and a unit of regular (but poor) mounted troops.

The Imperial forces consisted of an two companies of elite Highlanders, three Gurkha companies, six companies of loyal Indian infantry, two sections of artillery and a unit of Bengal Lancers…..nice.                     

Brian, Myself and Dave (the Destroyer) contested the Afghans lead by the great Terry, Stan and Peter. Our rules were Andrew Parr’s – ‘Breechloader and Rifle’ a variant of his ‘Fortune & Glory’ Napoleonic set. The game however played well and this time the Imperial forces managed to defeat in detail the widely dispersed forces. Terry having the only real win once his forces finally made it to the battlefield and overran a section of field guns. The imperial forces lead by Brian managed to capture most of the objective markers but missed the goats. Our next game will be Napoleonic’s.                                                                                                 

One of Brian’s winning dice rolls


16 thoughts on “Keeping the Pass Open – 2nd Afghan War”

  1. Excellent tabletop. Great looking figures. You've solved my dilemma for me. I'm going to base my crews with their guns. I hope you were not looking for one's with that die roll.

  2. Thanks for the comments fellas, it is a great period to wargame and the lads seem to enjoy the period…Eddie I did have the goats in the front of the Afghan Regulars but thought I had better move them in case of a 'Green on Blue'



  3. What a rubbish looking game…. only kidding… :o) Simply stunning.. I particularly like the artillery, the little screw guns are lovely… well done!

  4. What an amazing sight!!

    I'm very much interested in the history of the NWF but was going to be gaming it as a Skirmish affair, now I'm not so sure!

    BTW, who makes the Regular Afghan Cavalry(I think in pic 3)?


  5. Thanks for the comments Guys this period and colonial warfare is one of my favourite periods to wargame. I started in the Sudan, went down and fought in southern Africa and then across to Afghanistan….fun time.

    Bedford the regular cavalry are from Wargames Foundry, they re-released the range mid last year for about six months then for some reason took them off again. However I think if you send them an email thy will cast the order up for you.



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