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Iron Brigade – Sash & Saber

Well after two years of painting, basing and re basing and finally basing again, I have finally finished the Iron Brigade. The figures are from the very nice Sash & Saber 28mm ACW range and have been based for Regimental Fire & Fury. I have based them as per the other Union regiments in my collection, each base representing 50 men and Regiments of eight bases, which brings them to a respectable wartime footing for any campaign.

The Brigade will will see their first battle this Wednesday night in a re fight of McPherson Ridge, hopefully that will fight well and defeat the Archers Confederate Brigade…well we shall see how my dice rolling goes first….


16 thoughts on “Iron Brigade – Sash & Saber”

  1. Great looking Iron Brigade! Since switching from Brigade to Regimental Fire and Fury I'll need to paint up some more Iron Brigade and these Sash & Sabre look like they will fill the gap very nicely.


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