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Imperial Expansion

Over the last two days since I arrived home I have been very busy casting figures, packing figures, unpacking figures and basing figures. These fine Roman Imperial lads I have just finished basing for a good friend, Jeff Smith, for his Basic Impetvs Army. The figures are a mix of Warlord Games, 1st Corps Miniatures and Aventine Miniatures and have all been painted by Leroy Simpson. Hopefully Jeff will bring them around this weekend for a game…fingers crossed.

The Imperial Roman Scorpion and cart are from the fantastic Warlord Games Imperial Roman range and the other two lads are 1st Corps figures from the Roman camp construction set. They are nice figures and add a couple of different characters to the stand.

The Easter Archers unit is a mix of Warlord Games (front row) and 1st Corps (back row). They seem to mix in very well and add a little more variety to the bas.

Warlord Games Praetorian Guard Cavalry..nasty little buggers

And finally the last unit is a base of Aventine Roman Auxiliary. 


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