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Images from MOAB (Mother of All Battles) 2013

Well another MOAB has just finished for the year and a nice little weekend away from home it was. The show this year seemed a little down on numbers through the door (due to the Navy centenary celebrations) but they were up by an extra 30 players from last year. Stores were also good and there were may to choose from – Hall of Heroes, War & Peace Games, Mike Metal Miniatures, Essex Miniatures, The Combat Company to name but a few. All had some of the greatest and latest wargaming stock from Australia and around the world…..and yes I spent a little at most of them.  There were also some great little demo and participation games from SAGA, Bolt Action and Napoleonics all very nice eye candy. So I have placed up a few images of the three days of MOAB for you to maybe encourage (if in Australia) to come along next year.

A very nice Muskets and Tomahawk game

Bolt Action demo on one of the nicest gaming tops I have ever seen – part of the Hall of Heroes gaming club.

Images from the Bolt Action Competition which I think had about 10-12 players

Impetus Competition with about 8-10 players. Congratulations to Matt Williamson (pictured above left) for winning the comp.

Another very nice participation WWII game

SAGA Demo game

Another demo game but not sure of the gaming system.


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  1. I always found it a pity that competitions aren't common over here on wargame events, focussing more on demo'ing. Would be a great incentive to get some armies done, now they just linger or go out the door…

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